Community Garden#7- Late Flowering

Hello everyone! It’s been a little while since I’ve last written of communardening, but the struggle continues. We have been harvesting tomatoes of late, but many of the plants are still ripening and finishing the fruiting process. We have continued our nutritional supplementation for our garden beds through a simple process of top feeding Humboldt Nutrients Natural Grow 3-1-3 and Natural Bloom 0-10-0 with a good old fashioned watering pail. Now, I would like to show you three more products that can help you finish up your communarden.


Humboldt Nutrients Deuce Deuce 0-0-22 natural potassium additive is my favorite product for late season flowering, fruiting, and ripening. Derived from sulfate of potash and ascophyllum nodosum seaweed, Humboldt Nutrients Deuce Deuce gives communardeners an available 22% potassium. When using the Deuce Deuce and the Natural Bloom together, the communardener gets a natural PK boost that rivals any mineral synthetic on the market.


Calcium and Magnesium are secondary macronutrients that are consumed at high rates by most vegetables, flowers, and herbs. Since Ca/Mg must be available to the plant in high quantities for a healthy plant life cycle, we usually recommend having a supplement around for mid to late season plant nutritional needs. Our “Go To” is, Humboldt Nutrients Equilibrium. With derived from ingredients like Soft Rock Phosphate, Calcium Carbonate, and Crab Meal, Equilibrium gives the communardener available NPK+Ca/Mg and other non-plant food ingredients.


Our last addition of liquid nutrient supplementation and one of our most popular products in general, is the Humboldt Honey ES. Carbohydrate products are a dime a dozen out there(buyer beware) and there are many imitators of our formula, but our Humboldt Honey ES is a one of kind liquid carb product derived from Cane Molasses, Volcanic Ash, Seaweed, and other non plant food ingredients like quillaja and yucca. Humboldt Honey ES is an amazing addition and food source for brewing compost teas or other microbiological inoculants. Humboldt Honey ES can be used all throughout the plant life cycle, but is a wonderful addition to late flowering, fruiting, and ripening plants. Make sure you have a bottle on the shelf for late season communardening plant nutrition supplementational needs.

Here is our simple watering pail top feed late season application rate for finishing your communarden “Strong Like Bull”. Thanks for reading and I hope you are enjoying your garden!

1-Gallon of Clean Chlorine free Water

½-Tablespoon of Humboldt Nutrients Natural Bloom 0-10-0

½-Tablespoon of Humboldt Nutrients Deuce Deuce 0-0-22

½-Tablespoon of Humboldt Nutrients Equilibrium

½-Tablespoon of Humboldt Honey ES

Mix each addition thoroughly in water before adding the next product. Once all products are thoroughly mixed, saturate garden beds evenly around and in between plants and vegetables.
*This is what our community garden vegetables and herbs can handle as far as nutrient supplementation right now and is only a suggestion. Each gardener needs to evaluate his/her own nutrient supplementation needs and take into consideration garden varieties, maturity, and environmental and soil conditions for best efficacy and use of liquid fertilizer inputs*