Community Garden#6- Blooming with Humboldt Nutrients Natural Bloom


Well, it certainly has been a hot summer here in the midwest and I’m pretty sure everywhere else in the country as well. What has been eloquently dubbed the “Heat Dome”, is in full effect and smothering southwest Michigan like a wet blanket. Our heat index topped the triple digit mark for over a week. Things are cooling slightly but the trend has been steady. Hot! It is important for the communardener to remember to be diligent about watering, as success will most likely be hinged upon whether or not your garden is properly quenched on these very hot days. The other theme that is going on right now is blooming and fruiting vegetables. This is a very exciting time for the communardener as we can see the fruits of our labor. In addition to the supplemental nutrition that we have been giving our garden through the addition of Humboldt Nutrients Natural Grow 3-1-3, we can also now begin giving our fruiting and blooming vegetables some added phosphate supplementation with Humboldt Nutrients Natural Bloom 0-10-0.


Humboldt Nutrients Natural Bloom 0-10-0 is a quality blend of naturally mined Soft Rock Phosphate, Kelp, and Yucca Extract. This gives the soil gardener a readily available natural phosphate, as well as other beneficial non-plant food ingredients which can help natural gardeners to achieve both the yield and the quality they desire from their garden, which sometimes can be elusive.

For our communardening purposes we will be applying our Humboldt Nutrients Natural Bloom 0-10-0 with the same method and rate in which we applied our Natural Grow 3-1-3, top feeding with a good old fashioned watering can. The application rate given is what our garden can handle right now and each gardener needs to take into consideration their own unique circumstances. We are applying our Natural Bloom feedings in between our applications of Natural Grow. This requires keeping track of which application was given last and a simple chart is the best way to keep track. We have tried to go on memory but a chart is easier unless you have a great memory. If you are like myself, your memory might not be your strongest suit and charts are easy. We are giving supplemental fertilizer with almost every watering, or as many as possible, with good clean water in between. Again, making sure your beds are thoroughly watered is important during these dog days of summer. The finger test(stick your pointer finger into the dirt about 4″ and see if dirt is wet) can be a good way of knowing whether or not your bed has adequate water. The other really easy way is with a water meter, which usually costs about $8-10. Stay cool everybody! Until next time!

Natural Bloom Application:

1-Gallon of clean non-chlorinated water

1-tablespoon of Natural Bloom

Mix nutrient solution vigorously until thoroughly mixed and apply evenly to all beds