High-Powered Additives

Whether it’s Calcium, Magnesium, Potassium or Nitrogen, our additives can supercharge your current feeding regimes or handle any deficiency in your garden.  We have expanded our line of additives in response to what our customers ask for; we carry a wide range of additives to suit any need.

Bloom Boosters

These flower-boosting products provide the building blocks your plants need to effectively flower and fruit. Using bloom boosting liquids or powders will increase your garden’s ability to produce large and aromatic crops.


Sugars and carbohydrates are necessary in a garden to feed the microscopic life which lives in and around soils and root zones of plants. Our high quality sweeteners will provide the microscopic world in your garden with the energy it needs to carry out various biological processes.


Verde 16-1-2

Vibrant greens and vigorous growth are what to expect with Verde. Used as a foliar or as a growth catalyst for all your favorite plants, Verde initiates rapid growth for superior internal structures and lifelong plant health. Competing nutrient lines offer a 16-0-0, but nitrogen alone cannot provide plants with the nutrition needed for healthy crops. Verde contains N, P, K, Ca, Mg, Mn, Fe, and other trace elements.

Sea Cal 2-0-0

Just as humans use calcium to build bones and nervous sytem tissue, plants utilize (Ca) to build stalks, leaves and internal structures which carry out nutrient circulation and absorption. Sea Cal was designed for use on any type of vegetable, flower or herb. Sea Cal contains 3% calcium while competing products only offer small amounts of (Ca). This additive provides maximum flower production for heavier, tastier crops.

Sea Mag 1-3-4

Magnesium helps induce cell division, growth and other internal processes in plants. Sea Mag is a high-tech magnesium additive formulated to increase plant and flower growth. Sea Mag supercharges your plant, supplying magnesium, nitrogen, potassium, phosphorous and humic acid, preventing potential deficiencies. Sea Mag is great in foliar sprays and creates the happiest plants you have ever seen.

Equilibrium 1-1-2

With our latest creation, Equilibrium Natural, Humboldt Nutrients offers the ease of a one part Ca-Mg additive with the quality which has come to be associated with our products. Plants and gardens must have accessible calcium and magnesium to successfully grow, fruit, and flower. In tests conducted by the Humboldt Nutrients team throughout Northern California, this perfect balance of Ca and Mg dominated the competition in side-by-side trials.

DeuceDeuce 0-0-22

Besides Nitrogen, Potassium is the element most absorbed by plants. Potassium improves and drives photosynthetic activity in plants. DeuceDeuce is a 22% potassium bloom booster harvested from domestic sources and containing no artificial ingredients. Used as a stand-alone additive, DeuceDeuce will show you the difference between nutrients and professionally created Humboldt Nutrients.

HydroDeuce 0-0-22

HydroDeuce brings the power of the Humboldt Nutrients natural line to your hydroponics system. The high quality potassium used in our DeuceDeuce is now formulated in a lower viscosity (thickness) allowing this award-winning formula to function without issue in your pumps and reservoirs. HydroDeuce has been crafted by the Humboldt Nutrients team using a specific ratio and grade of potash which allows more complete absorption of potassium into your plants.


Eons ago the Earth was covered in a humate layer: a rich soil layer containing beneficial micro-organisms, vitamins and minerals. Over time, soil naturally develops humic acid—a long carbon molecule which plays many roles in microbiology. Humic acid transforms soil into more useful and nutrient-rich humus. Hum-Bolt is a strong and effective 8% humic acid concentrate which excels in soil.


Flavorful is a highly refined humic acid derivative, derived from leonardite using a naturally low proprietary ph extraction method.  Flavorful can be used to naturally help lower your ph as well as be a complex nutrient carrier.

Humboldt Sticky 0.5-0-0

Foliar agents allow foliar sprays to mix in a homogenous manner, as well as insuring that your spray adheres to the leaves of your plants. Foliar sprays are used to directly feed the open leaf stomata—or pores—on the leaves, increasing the amount of nutrition your plants can take in. Additionally, foliar sprays are used to greatly reduce the chance of pathogens and parasites like mites, leaf miners, and power molds and mildews.

Royal Flush

A flushing agent removes heavy salts, metals and other elements which are unnecessary in the fruits and flowers at the harvest stage of growth. By eliminating these heavy elements you improve the taste and aroma of fruits and flowers.

S.I. (Structural Integrity)

S.I.’s proprietary blend is the most advanced silicate additive on the market today; formulated to instantly supply your root zone with the silicate needed to build strong, thick cell walls and cellular membranes, thus giving your plants the ability to hold heavier fruits and flowers.