Natural Kit

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Kit contains the Following:
Grow Natural  – 16oz.
Bloom Natural  – 16oz.
Humboldt Honey ES  –  16oz.
Equilibrium – 16oz
Myco Madness  –  sample (approx. 1 oz.)


Our Natural Two-Part Basic Starter Kit includes the key natural products that gardeners who demand only the most natural elements expect.

Included areGrow Natural and Bloom Natural, the centerpieces of our natural feeding schedule. Also included are an excellent natural additive, Humboldt Honey ES, and a natural soluble mycorrhizal compound, MycoMadness. These four products combine to form the backbone of our natural feeding schedule and can easily be expanded with more natural Humboldt Nutrients additives and products.



Find out more about the products used in this Feeding Schedule: