Community Garden #3- Weeding, Watering, and Watching

imagesIt’s hot. Yep. It’s summer. Yep. For the zealous communardener it means weeding, watering, and watching your garden beds for any potential problems. So far so good for us and we haven’t encountered any issues with the garden thus far. We have found issues with ourselves and the inevitable struggle with the clock everyday. It would seem that our daily family theatre routine forces us to make decisions like, “Whoops, we forgot to water the garden today….well, I guess I will run down to the community garden real quick before Game of Thrones starts”(*disclaimer* Humboldt Nutrients does not encourage or condone binge watching television, however Game of Thrones is pretty sweet……Valar morghulis! We do encourage binge reading, so read the books).


we_wet_our_plantsLate night watering is certainly a well known pursuit around here and it’s not a bad time to be at the garden because it is cooler. Our garden beds are in full sunshine all day long, so it can be fairly exhausting to be out there in the peak heat of the day. It is important to still get to your garden during the day for inspection and care of your plants, but we kind of like the evening watering. Inspection and care of plants means just that. Look at them, examine them, talk to them, fear them, touch them…..sure, all of that stuff….except the fear part. The more time and care you put into your garden the better your garden will be. Wow, novel concept….the more time and effort we put into a pursuit, the better our outcome. That is good, I’ll have to remember to tell the kids that. Try to be diligent about being there for the best chance of success.


Ox64Ngi7Weeding is best done consistently, so all the f-ing time it would seem. We do it by hand. Pull them out and curse a little bit under your breath so nobody hears how much you hate weeding, because gardening is supposed to be fun right? Not that part. It is true that much of cummunardening is tedious and laborious, but it does have an inherent sense of accomplishment from seeing a clean un-weeded garden bed full of homegrown garden vegetables and herbs. Just sucks doing the work.


AM97-60-Teresa-Fiel1For certain vegetable plants that might need trellising, caging, or any other gravitational support, it is best to get that ready now before plants get so big they are difficult to manage and you damage the tomato plants trying to shove a cage over the top of a three foot plant breaking all but one branch(I’m sure someone has done that before…not me, but someone). We are supporting our tomatoes with some chicken fence caging we got from another communardener. I have never used chicken fence caging for tomatoes, but let’s party. Always fun to try new things! Beta test. Plus free things are the best things. Well…time to go water, weed, and watch! Until next time!