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Store of the Month- Green Grow llc

Green Grow llc. in Mt. Morris Michigan has everything you need to start up a grow space of any size. Green Grow carries lighting, nutrients, pest control, electronics, easy setup hydroponic systems, soils, fertilizers and all growing accessories. If you need help desiging your new grow space Green Grow offers consultation and installation for proper […]

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Interactive Feeding Charts

Introducing Humboldt Nutrients’ new interactive feeding charts! We know that our customers have a wide range of water usage for their growing needs, and figuring out how to convert each amount of nutrient product for every week in their system can be convoluted and tedious. So we’re rolling out a new set of feeding charts […]

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Humboldt Nutrients knows how important kelp is to your plants. That is why we make extensive use of this natural resource as a key element in many of our products. The brown algae Ascophyllum nodosum (commonly known as Norwegian Kelp) grows in abundance within the intertidal zone, along the North Atlantic Coastline as well as Canada. […]

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Beyond the Label – Master A and B

  Every plant needs certain inputs beyond soil, sun, rain and air for them to grow. The basic components of living cells are proteins, which are formed from building block materials known as amino acids. Making amino acids available in appropriate quantities has long been known as a way to increase the yield and overall […]

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