For your convenience and reading pleasure, Humboldt Nutrients offers some words of wisdom for the growing world. This is an all-new section so for now there are only basic snippets for you to peruse, but rest assured that our knowledge database will grow with time, so come back often to see what new advice, tips and general knowledge we’ll have in store for you. Humboldt Nutrients is committed to making sure that our customers not only have the products they need to grow the biggest, heartiest, healthiest plants ever . . . but also to making sure to supply you with the know-how on how to make the best use of your resources.

Supremely Important Information
When using a Humboldt Nutrients—or any—feeding program, take note about the specific needs of your plants and garden or hydroponics system. These words of wisdom offer advice on how to keep an eye out for your plants’ specific needs and notes that because of the greatly varying qualities of different plantlife, your specific regimen may need to be altered from what our feeding schedules suggest. Other information, such as about our soil line and important notes on PPM, would also be worth taking a minute to read.
Growing Tips
General suggestions regarding different elements in the growing process, including tips on water, pest control, foliar application, and more.